CES Day Two

Day two at CES brought news of even more exciting products, including new equipment from Olympus, Samsung, Canon, IPEVO and Pentax. Olympus showed us their entire lineup of nine cameras that were just announced here at CES, which will be available for consumers in March. The highlight was the Stylus Tough-8000, which is waterproof up to 33 feet (up to 133 with the separately purchased housing), can withstand being dropped from up to 6.6 feet, will survive being crushed with up to 220 pounds of pressure and is freeze-proof up to 14 degrees. Basically this thing can withstand any Hawaiian diving trip, Aspen snowboarding run, Moab off-road biking excursion, or night out at a bar here in Vegas (which can be just as dangerous as most extreme sports). Another cool feature of the Tough-8000 is the “Tap Control”, which means that if you’re skiing with bulky gloves, you can bypass fumbling awkwardly to try to press the buttons on the camera face and just “tap” the camera on different sides, to mirror the controls from the buttons, getting you to macro mode, playback, etc.

Samsung lead us through their newly released digital imaging products, including their flagship camcorder, the HMX-H106. This camcorder can record up to 12 hours of full HD video, has 64GB internal memory, with expandable memory via SD/SDHD, can do time lapse recording, can shoot 4.7MP still photos and has a 1/4.5″ 2.2 MP CMOS sensor. Another interesting camcorder from Samsung was the new HMX-R10, which was really only notable because of its innovative design- it has an ergonomic lens, which points up, allowing you to escape the 90 degree arm bend, so infamous to anyone shooting a scene, so you can hold the camera lower near you chest or even hip.

Canon also showed us several new camcorders, which have been released within the past six months, including the Vixia HF S10, which has full HD image capture using the new Digic DV III image processor, and 8MP still image capture. The HF S10 can record to a 32 GB internal Flash drive or directly to an SDHC memory card.

I was excited to see Pentax’s K2000D and K20D in person. The K20D has recently dropped in price from $1,200 to $999, making it a professional grade camera at an incredibly competitive price. The K2000D is a great mid-level piece of equipment, with an attractive and sturdy design from a truly reliable manufacturer. Look for more on the Pentax K20D in our upcoming issue of DP.

I’ll close the CES coverage (at least from here in Vegas) with my absolute favorite product of the show. No, it is not a D-SLR or point-and-shoot camera, nor is it a camcorder or even an amazing lens; it is a digital photo frame by IPEVO, and according to my first impression, and the product’s tag-line, it’s “Not your Grandma’s Photo Frame”. First of all, I got a tour of this product by the company’s CEO, Royce yc Hong, and I’m not afraid to brag about it. Royce wears two hats with the Taiwan and Silicon Valley based company- his other being designer. The brand new IPEVO Kaleido R7 wireless photo frame takes design seriously- it does not include any faux wood (note: there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just the standard so far in the genre), nor does it look like a traditional photo frame in any other way. This frame is for the design-conscious consumer and the tech-saavy, or convenience-seeking, consumer. The convenience comes from the fact that the Kaleido R7 (Who knows where the R1 through 6 are?) is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can directly load photos to the frame from albums on your computer, public Flickr streams, or from other photo sharing sites, through IPEVO’s own Software (which comes in the box and works for Mac and PC). To get a fun taste of what this might look like with Flickr streams or your own photos, check out their interactive demo of the Kaleido R7, which won’t be available to consumers until March, at their website here.


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