Canon & Ron Howard Present: Project Imagin8tion Photo Contest

Imagine inspiring acclaimed director Ron Howard with your own photographs. Well, “over the next month, Ron Howard, with the help of Canon and the Project Imagin8ion community will select 8 imaginative photos to set the stage for his next production,” according to Canon.

There are two categories to which you can enter—Setting, Time, Character and Mood (entry period ends June 2nd) and Relationship, Goal, Obstacle and The Unknown (entry period June 3 – 14). For full contest rules and to enter, visit the Project Imagin8tion YouTube page.


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  1. Tracey Stevens says:

    I would love to be part of this project, I have a photo in particular which would fire anyones imagination. This photo was shot with a canon 20D through a crown graphic camera and has such a story behind it and such impact that its hard to ignore. Why was this not open world wide, we generally get nothing down here of any size or importance in New Zealand and we are such a diverse and rich country. Ive used Canon for 30 years and Im gutted I cant participate in project Imangin8tion. Ive been waiting for a week since I heard about this to work up the courage to post it in, now I find my stress was in vain ugh. Send valium.

  2. @Tracey,
    I’m so sorry that they’ve put geographical restrictions on the entries so that you won’t be able to enter. What a shame; I’m sure your photo is wonderful. Please do contribute to the DP Flickr Group ( for the chance to be featured on our website. We feature a reader photo every single day!
    Digital Photographer

  3. Mary Hope says:

    How many pictures can I post? : ) I am so thrilled to learn of this project. Thank you for advertising it on television. I am glad I found out about it. Took a peek at Ron’s wall of pictures. It looks like the inside of my macbook. Kindred Spirit creator… : ). I am such a fan of Ron Howard – as are so many I’m sure. As a writer of non-fiction (past books) I have always relied on pictures to stimulate my imagination. Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to write about my grandfather – I only had two pictures when I started. One when he was old and one when he was young. He died before I was born, so the pictures were all I had. I set out on a journey to tell his story, because everyone else in his life seemed to have forgotten him, and there was so much in his life that had been left unsaid.

    I will post his picture – the one that inspired me to write my first novel – an historical novel – about a true story that happened to he and my father. It was a miraculous story, and I did my best to set it to paper – but all through the time I was writing, I wished I had help … unbiased help. Telling a true story is a real challenge – especially when those who lived through it and their descendants live close by… I kept thinking that I wished so much that i had a way to contact Ron Howard… knowing as little as I do about him from afar … but knowing that his talent as a director and his leanings were of the same TYPE of story…though I wasn’t sure if he’d be interested.

    I actually sent this picture to Warner Brother’s – at the time in my writing when I was needing the most help. They so kindly replied to me – asked me to get an agent. I am on the east coast – and of course, a no-body – so getting an agent has been an uphill battle.

    I am running on – just have so much to say – - I have so many pictures that have stimulated stories that I have either written or am working on….. as a writer, I have so many words to put down… so again…

    Can I submit more than one?

  4. Mary Hope says:

    I’ve now completely read the guidelines and picked my pictures : ). Wow, wish I’d known this was going to happen before I went on this last research trip for the book I am writing. I have loads of pictures from my perspective… few from the perspective of – movie making. I really have an eye for that – but book research pictures are a bit different. I didn’t take many “beautiful” shots… but I include in my submission the latest shots from my trip to the Outer Banks (OBX) North Carolina. The research for my next book project – working title: “Lighthouse” will be in my submission along with some pictures from past research/documentary from historical novel set in 1937. Please make this an on-going thing!! I can take some great pictures for movie making… I LOVE to do that – would love to do that if I had the chance. Been praying for the chance all my life.

    Thanks for any feedback : )

  5. @Mary
    Digital Photographer is in no way related to the Imagin8tion Project; we only featured this contest on the blog in hopes that our readers would learn of the opportunity and be inspired to submit (which looks like it worked!). You will need to consult the official contest rules to answer your questions (see the link in the body of the above post), as we cannot consult you on this Canon/Project Imagin8tion contest. Best of luck!

  6. Danielle says:

    I am not having any luck uploading my pics. What is the solution, please.

  7. @Danielle,
    Digital Photographer is in no way related to the Imagin8tion Project; we only featured this contest on the blog in hopes that our readers would learn of the opportunity and be inspired to submit (which looks like it worked!). You will need to consult the official contest sponsor (Canon) to answer your questions and concerns. Best of luck!

  8. Earl Stewart says:

    This is awesome! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  9. Barb says:

    My apologies, I must withdraw my entry. I didn’t realize this was confined to the United States (too bad) – best wishes.

  10. Jaime Charles says:

    HELP! I can’t figure out how to enter photos in the contest. I would Love for you to see them. Thank You, Jaime….. you could look at them on facebook under the name ” Adon AI “

  11. Suzanne Shuemaker says:

    I wished I had known. Can you or the Imagin8tion Project give us Canon DSLR owners more notice? I am not as computer savvy as the rest of the world. I would have liked an opportunity….

  12. Peter Swetich says:

    Very honored to have made the semi-finals. If you like my photograph, please vote for it here:

  13. Chris Miller says:

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