Another Look at the IPEVO Kaleido R7 Digital Frame


As I mentioned at CES in Las Vegas last week, I was very impressed by the new digital photo frame that IPEVO released at the show, called the Kaleido R7. A few factors play into why I’m so smitten by this thing. First, look at it! It’s beautiful. IPEVO CES Royce Hong is like the Frank Lloyd Wright of digital photo frame design, mimicking the famous architect who turned the status-quo of design on its head and proclaimed that “form and function are one”. Rather than simply being a vehicle to display photographs, the Kaleido R7 is also a great looking tech-design piece to display in your home.

But, as we all know, just looking good does not necessarily mean that it works well. This is the second reason that I was so taken with the Kaleido R7; because its function is also so innovative. The frame is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to sync and stream your photos with albums on your Mac or PC (using the bundled EyeStage content management software), or from your iPhone, Windows Mobile-complient smartphone or straight from the Web. The demonstration that I watched at the IPEVO booth at CES showed how the frame syncs with Flickr public albums, as the demonstrator found photos on Flickr tagged with “Berlin” (a wonderful city, by the way) on his laptop and streamed them to the Kaleido R7 while I watched. You can subscribe to photo sharing sites like Flickr or Picasa (recently announced for Mac), this way, or to the RSS feeds of your favorite photo blogs. Of course if you’re a good ol’ fashioned digital photo frame owner, and still believe in rolling up your sleeves and hard work, etc., you can load photos to the frame via USB or various memory cards.

More advanced (and exciting for a tech-junkie like me) features will include iPhone owners being able to use their phone as a remote control when the frame is realseased to the public in March, exclusively through IPEVO’s website.


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